Strawberry - the perfect creation

Strawberry - the perfect creation

Sunday, March 6, 2011

You have to start somewhere...

I am giving in to the pressure and I started a blog. I protested because I am not a writer!!! So I am NOT going to write! But I did start my blog and here it is!
If you know me, you would realize it would HAVE to be called strawberries, if you don't know me, well, take my word for it.
First strawberry:
Things my husband, Mark, hereby known as Mark on this blog, says are too much work to eat:
Lobster and crab legs. Can you believe it???
Things Mark says he will never eat (and I believe him):
Calamari, scungilli, and many other wonderful squirmy delicious delicacies from the ocean!
See, I am not  a writer and I am not going to write anything!


  1. Of course Strawberries! But lobster is spelled wrong, isn't it lobstars? So mark doesn't like fried rubber bands ha more for us, Love You! Ginni

  2. Ms Strawberry,
    Is that the strawberry from your garden?

  3. Ha, yes, Ginni, lobstahs!
    Yes, Mark, that is the perfect strawberry from my garden!