Strawberry - the perfect creation

Strawberry - the perfect creation

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Irish Soda Bread & EVOO

I am not Irish (not a bit, except by marriage,) but I know that for St. Patrick's Day everyone is Irish! :D I always buy those little Irish Potato Candy's at this time of year; Sean is a fan. We went to the Belmar Parade last year and it was crazy out there! This year we may try Keyport's parade. I don't eat meat, but I will have to cook up that lovely aromatic Corned Beef and Cabbage for the day. I actually do like the vegetables!

And so the Irish Soda Bread. I don't like it when it is more like Irish Soda Cake. I like it Bready. But not dry. But I don't like butter and I know the way to eat it is toasted or untoasted but WITH BUTTER! But I don't like butter; but I repeat myself. SOOO...

The other day I thought, why not toast it and put Olive Oil on it? But not just any Olive Oil, Blood Orange Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Wow.
SO SCRUMPTIOUS!!! I am now addicted!

You may notice my capitals when typing out Olive Oil. It is that important to me. OLIVE OIL. EVOO! Flavored EVOO??? Supreme, enjoy!

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